Dental Screening

Location: Plowman's Park Public School

More Information: Dental Screening

What is a dental screening?

  • A Peel Public Health registered dental hygienist and certified dental assistant will be visiting your Centre to provide a free dental screening.
  • A dental screening is a quick look inside the child’s mouth. A separate, sterilized mouth mirror is used for each child.


What is a fluoride varnish application?

  • Fluoride varnish is a protective coating that maybe painted on a child’s teeth.  It is very quick, easy and safe to apply.
  • Fluoride strengthens the outer layer of the tooth and helps prevent cavities (tooth decay).


What happens after the dental screening?

  • The parent will receive important information only if their child needs additional dental care.
  • If the parent does not have a dental plan and cannot afford to take their child to the dentist, the child may be eligible for free dental care. 
  • A dental screening does not replace regular dental visits.

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