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Signing With Baby

This introductory workshop will demonstrate how to use American Sign Language with your wee one throughout the day using songs and fun motivating language-based activities.

Sibling Rivalry, Bringing Home The New Baby

We will discuss some of the possible causes for sibling rivalry, strategies to help your children get along as well as some proactive approaches and strategies for planning to bring home a new baby.

Sibling Rivalry

This workshop explores sibling rivalry and provides parents with some helpful strategies to use within their home.

Self Esteem

This workshop discusses self esteem in children and how to foster your child’s self esteem.

Safety In and Out of the Home

In this workshop, we will address basic safety in our environment. We will provide information on safety awareness in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, safety on the road and all around the house. Collaborative minds will present safety practices in and around your environment.

Ready, Set, Go!

This program is a transitional program between Infant Mother Goose / Babies on the Move and Toddler Time. It offers a song circle, a short story and creative activities that introduce young toddlers and their adults to opportunities to explore craft supplies.

Reading Readiness

• Why is reading to your child important? • How can you incorporate reading to your child into your daily routine? • What are the developmental milestones of reading? • Where can we find environmental print?

Power of Play

Successfully engaging your child in play activities can be mutually rewarding. Learn about developmental levels for children up to 5 years and stages of play, as well as age appropriate toys and activity ideas.

Positive Parenting - Infants

Discuss how parents can develop positive parenting skills with their infants by encouraging them to understand and read their babies signals, how to develop clear limits and expectations and the importance of being consistent.

Positive Discipline

The key to positive discipline is not punishment but mutual respect. Parents and teachers will be coached on how to be both firm and kind, so that any child from a three year old toddler to a rebellious teenager can learn cooperation and self-discipline with no loss of dignity.


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