Shirley Gurowka Memorial Bursary

The Shirley Gurowka Memorial Bursary, a charitable trust fund, was established in 1999 in memory of Shirley Gurowka, a community leader whose work and passion in caring for the most vulnerable mothers and babies in our community continues to be an inspiration for all who knew her.

The bursary is awarded annually to assist 1 or more mothers with up to $1,000 each.  The award helps them to achieve long-term improvements to their health and family situation through education and self-betterment (i.e. continued education, career counseling.)


  • Candidates must have attended a Healthy Start or Teen Prenatal Supper Club Program at least eight times (there is no time limit on program completion).
  • Candidates must provide proof of enrollment or registration in an education, career counselling, training or self-betterment program.

For more information: please ask your Program Coordinator.

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