Summer Programs

We know how to have fun in the sun… and the rain too, for that matter!  This summer we are again taking our programs into the great outdoors. 

Check out the schedules below and join us at a park near you, or contact the staff at your local centre for more information.

Mother Goose in the Park

Mondays (Jul 9-Aug 27) *no program Aug 6


Jack Darling Park (Picnic Spot A)

Play in the Park

Mondays (Jul 9-Aug 13) *no program Aug 6 9:30a-11:30a 90 Orenda Court Playground
Tuesdays (Jul 10-Aug 14) 10:15a-11:30a Serson Park/Lakeview Library
Wednesdays (Jul 4-Aug 29) 9:00a-12:00p Ernest Majury Park
Wednesdays (Jul 4-Aug 29) 10:00a-12:00p Jack Darling Park (Picnic Spot A)
Wednesdays (Jul 4-Aug 29) 10:00a-11:30a Loafer’s Lake
Thursdays (Jul 5-Aug 23) 9:30a-11:00a Quenippenon Meadow Park
Fridays (Aug 31-Sep 7) 10:00a-11:30a Tom Chater Clubhouse



Wednesdays (Jun 6-Aug 29) *no program Aug 1 10:45a-11:45a Sheridan Villa

Mother Goose Stroller Walk

Thursdays (May 3-Aug 30) 1:00p-2:00p Heart Lake
Fridays (Jul 6-Aug 31) 2:00p-3:00p Brittany Glen