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BridgeWay Family Centre

Nurturing parents’ confidence.
Free prenatal to preschool programs at 40 locations.

Some EarlyON centres, including nine of our centres, are now open in Peel! Mandatory health measures including smaller group sizes, physical distancing and more are in place at all centres. Only pre-registered programs are available. Visit to learn about all open EarlyON centres or register for an on-site BridgeWay program on our Schedules page.

We continue to offer online and outdoor programs every day.

Healthy Start programs are now available online! Contact the Healthy Start Social Worker by emailing or calling 905-822-1114 x 240.

Our postpartum peer support group members or anyone who feels they need postpartum support can reach us at for ongoing support and resources. Stay tuned for more updates.

Contact if you need help finding a resource or just need a listening ear.

How to Set Up Home Play Areas for Your Child

September 29th, 2020

For children, a play space is so many things. It’s a place to explore, to wind down, to learn, to grow, and to…

Now Hiring Early Years Educators (RECEs)!

September 11th, 2020

Are you interested in a career at BridgeWay? We are looking for Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) to join our team for on-site…

Get Social with Bridgeway

Using hair/elastic bands and ribbons, create a fun shaker to sing and dance with! Tie some long ribbons to a hair/elastic band and wear the bands around your wrist, or hold them in your hands. Spin around and watch the ribbons spin with you, or shake your sillies out as fast as you can!
Dancing is great way to exercise and move! Exercise is linked to better mental and physical health, higher self-esteem, and better sleep. Find some music to help you start dancing on our Spotify playlists at the link in our bio (Songs & Activities).
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Try out this mystery box game! Start by placing some objects in a box without your child seeing. Describe one of the objects in the box using descriptive words – “this object is silver, made of metal, and is used to eat soup!” As your child guesses, add more clues until they’ve guessed what it is or until they’re ready to see the object! 
Does your child like animals? Pretend the box is a barn filled with animals and sing Who's in The Barnyard to guess the animals! Find the song on YouTube by searching: Who's in the Barnyard?: Storytime Song with Puppets
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