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3 Messy Art Ideas to Nurture Creative Minds

August 21, 2019

Children love to be in the moment when it comes to creating. They are not concerned about a final product and instead focus on the process. For children, art is about experimenting with different colours and materials, and learning from every action they make.  

Some children don’t like the feel of paint on their hands so a paintbrush is perfect for them, while others want to dive right in head first.

No matter what their preference is, messy art is all about letting children have the freedom to explore the process and materials in a way they are comfortable with. Here are a few examples of fun messy techniques you can incorporate at home! 

1) Splashing soapy paint 

One of our favourite outdoor crafts is one of the easiest! Tape down a piece of paper then let kids splash it with a mixture of soapy water and washable paint using paintbrushes, toothbrushes, yarn, sponges, or even their hands.  

2) Painting 3D surfaces

Painting 3D objects like cardboard boxes and cupholders allows children to see paint dripping down the vertical surfaces. This craft is a great way to develop both fine and gross motor skills; it also introduces the concepts of depth and gravity!

3) Using their feet 

Many children love the squishy feel of paint between their toes! “Foot art” offers children an opportunity to experience senses and textures in a way they don’t normally have access to, sparks their curiosity, and improves their perceptual motor skills (foot-eye coordination). Remember to keep some soapy water nearby for easy cleanup.