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Get Silly With Socks! 3 Ways to Play With Socks

April 1, 2021

Big socks, little socks, long socks and short ones too!

Everybody has socks around their home, and if you have kids then I bet there are a few mismatched pairs as well! In Wednesday’s Online Family Time, Karen and the children explored different ways to play with socks. Socks can be a fun way to explore a variety of concepts and are an easy addition to your child’s play experiences. Get silly with these 3 ways to play with socks!

Sock Puppets

Put a sock on your hand, change your voice and watch the giggles begin. Model using a sock puppet by narrating your child’s play, reading a book together or singing songs. Doing these things will help your child build their imagination and their language skills. Sock puppets can change up your daily routine as well – try using a sock to ask your child to put their toys away and see what happens.

Colourful sock puppet with crown

Sock Matching: Same or Different?

Did you know that matching is a math concept that will help children build their skills to be ready for school? Collect a few pairs of socks making sure to include ones that have patterns, pictures or different colours. Then ask your little one to match them up – “Can you find the long sock with stripes?”, as they progress in matching start adding new vocabulary to the game – “This one is argyle, where is the other argyle sock?”.

3 pairs of matching socks with different patterns

Work Out with Socks

Sock toss is a fun game you can play inside or out and all you need are a few pairs of rolled up socks and some targets. Use a laundry basket and sit or stand a few feet away. Your child will be practising some fundamental movement skills as they toss their socks into their target. As they improve you can move further away or change the size of your target to make it more challenging.

socks rolled into balls and a laundry basket to play a ball toss game

For even more ways to play with socks, check out Sock Play on Instagram!

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