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Bowls of Fun! 3 Easy Ways to Play With Bowls

March 20, 2021

Did you know that bowls can be used for more than just eating, cooking and baking? Bowls can be a great addition to your child’s play activities. In Friday’s 10:30 Family Time, we played with bowls. Here are three easy ways to play with bowls at home!

Colourful bowls are used for hiding and sorting toys for ways kids can play with bowls.

Roly Poly Bowly

Take a big bowl and add a ball to it. Place a large bowl (if you have a shiny one even better!) in front of your baby, then tilt the bowl side to side and watch the ball roll around in different directions. Encourage your little one to manipulate the bowl by tapping, pushing or grabbing at the edge of the bowl. By doing this you are encouraging eye-hand co-ordination, visual tracking and cause and effect. You can up your game by changing the size of the bowl or ball and see what happens.

Guessing game

Using a selection of bowls and small toys you can be a magician. Turn the bowls upside down and hide a toy under one of them. Slide the bowls around to mix up their order and see if your little one can remember which bowl the toy is hidden under. Or hide a toy under a bowl and give clues to your child to see if they can guess what is hidden – “It has stripes… it likes to gallop… it looks like a horse…”. After you model the games, take turns being the hider and the guesser, this will help build your child’s vocabulary and turn taking skills.

Sorting bowls

Bowls can be used to sort toys and objects from around the house. If you have bowls of different colours you can sort the toys into their matching bowl. What other ways to sort can you and your child think of? Toys with and without wheels, big toys and little toys, or add water and see what sinks and floats. Games like these helps build your child’s understanding of classification and organization.

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