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The Best Children's Books That Celebrate Diversity

August 6, 2020

Books are a great way to introduce children to different kinds of stories and perspectives—there’s a reason reading is linked to empathy! Bring our community’s beautiful diversity into your reading time with these children’s books that celebrate diversity.

In this article:

Celebrate All Families with LGBTQ2S+ Positive Books

My Two Moms and Me

My Two Moms takes us on a journey through one child’s fun day out with her family! 

Daddy, Papa, and Me

There are so many fun things to do at home! Daddy, Papa, and Me describes lots of activities we can enjoy with our families.  

We Are Family

A family can look lots of different ways—what brings a family together is love! We follow lots of different families through their day in this beautiful book. 

A Tale of Two Mommies

A little boy’s friends want to know: which mommy helps him ride a bike? Which mommy helps him fly a kite? This book shows that there is lots of love in all kinds of families. 


Rainbows are nature’s way of showing us how beautiful diversity is! Join this Pride storytime to learn what each colour of the rainbow flag means. 


Celebrate Indigenous Children’s Authors

Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox by Danielle Daniel

How are you feeling today? Brave like a bear? Creative like a rabbit? Curious like a porcupine?

Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox teaches children the meaning of each Anishnaabe totem animal. 

You Hold me Up by Monique Gray Smith

From being kind to listening, this book explores all the ways the people we love hold us up.  

Sweetest Kulu by Celina Kalluk

This beautiful book about love, care, and community explores the gifts that the world gives baby Kulu. 

Little You by Richard Van Camp

Little You’s simple rhyme scheme makes it perfect for reading aloud. 

My Heart Fills with Happiness by Monique Gray Smith

What fills your heart with happiness? My Heart Fills with Happiness describes some of the happy moments in a day, like dancing and listening to stories. 

You can learn more about Indigenous cultures with online Journey Together programs! Check out the Journey Together Outreach Program on Facebook for more information and schedules. 

Celebrate Black Children’s Authors

Dream Big, Little One by Vashti Harrison

Dream Big Little One tells the story of many amazing black women in history.

Mommy’s Khimar by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow

When this little girl wears her mommy’s khimar, her mommy is with her everywhere she goes!

Bedtime Bonnet by Nancy Redd

Bedtime Bonnet is a story about a loving family and their nighttime hair routines, from the main character’s bedtime bonnet to her father’s wave cap.

Welcome to the Party by Gabrielle Union

This celebratory book is perfect for families who have waited patiently for their newest member.

Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry

Join Zuri as her dad gets her hair ready for a very special day. Afterward, you can enjoy the heartwarming short film based on the story! 

I am Enough by Grace Byers

This beautiful rhyming book is about loving ourselves and being kind to one another.

Please, Baby, Please by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee

With repetition that children will love, this book takes us through the fussy and fond moments of a family’s day.

Hair Like Mine by Latashia M. Perry

Our narrator is sad she can’t find anyone with hair just like hers, until she realizes… no two people are the same! 

Children’s Books about Loving Ourselves and Each Other

All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold

School is a place where all are welcome! Learn about all the ways we learn and grow with our friends at school. 

Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller

What does it mean to be kind? Sometimes we just need to be there for each other! 

Love is a Truck by Amy Novesky

A fun story about love and trucks—because who doesn’t love trucks?! 

I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont

An exuberant book about liking ourselves just as we are. Children will love the playful rhymes and colourful illustrations! 

We’re Different, We’re the Same by Bobbi Jane Kates

People can look all kinds of ways, and that’s what makes the world so interesting! This book shows all the ways we can be different and alike. 

The Colors of Us by Karen Katz

We come in so many colours! Join this story’s narrator on a walk around her neighbourhood as she sees all the colours people can be. 

Love Makes a Family by Sophie Beer

There are lots of ways we can show we love each other! This book shows us many families and the simple ways they show their love. 

I Believe I Can by Grace Byers

We can do anything if we believe we can! This book celebrates every child’s boundless potential. 

Bilingual and Translated Children’s Books

The Day of the Dead / El Día de los Muertos: A Bilingual Celebration by Bob Barner

The Day of the Dead / El Día de los Muertos: A Bilingual Celebration allows children to follow along in both languages while learning about the traditional Mexican holiday.

棕熊棕熊你看到什麼 / Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin, Jr.

The simple text, colourful illustrations, rhythm, and rhymes of the classic children’s book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? make this book perfect for young readers. Children learn vocabulary for colours and animals as the brown bear encounters a red bird, a yellow duck, a green frog, and more.

फ्लॉपी के दोस्त / Floppy’s Friends by Guido Van Genechten

A BridgeWay staff member holds up the Floppy's Friends, a bilingual children's book that celebrates diversity in English and Hindi

In this bilingual Hindi/English book, Floppy’s bunny friends learn that we all have a lot to gain from people who are different from us.

L’invention de M. Monsieur by Geneviève Côté

A BridgeWay staff member holds up the French book L'invention de M. Monsieur

L’invention de M. Monsieur is a fully French book by a francophone author, featuring short sentences and funny dialogue that are great for language learners. You can also follow along with the English translation, Mr. King’s Machine.

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