Snacks, Stories and Songs – Brampton Library

Preschool kids play with building bricks in while sitting on floor in daycare

Snacks, Stories and Songs – Brampton Library

Jul 22, 2024 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Brampton Library - South West
8405 Financial Drive, Brampton, ON, Canada

This program is running July 8 and 22. 

Grab your favourite snack and join us for a program that’s all about food! In Snacks, Stories, and Songs, we will explore the shape, colour, smell, texture, and (of course) taste of foods with our Registered Dietitian. As children explore food, they become more confident eaters, which makes trying new foods a positive experience. We will also sing songs, dance, and read books, to learn more about food.

If you have questions about your child’s eating, you can speak to our Dietitian for tips and resources.