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Activities and Books the Whole Family Will Love This Family Day

February 11, 2021

At BridgeWay Family Centre, we know the importance of family to a child’s well-being and development.

Families are a child’s first role model and the best teacher to help children develop the skills they will need for their whole lives. This Family Day, grab some toys and objects around your home or snuggle up in a cozy spot, and come together to play and read! Here are some Family Day activities and books that you and your children will love.

6 Family Day Activities to Try Together

Indoor Picnic 

Make your Family Day lunch or snack time extra special with an indoor picnic! Set up a picnic space with a blanket and picnic-friendly foods like sandwiches, veggies, or banana bread. Here are some fun and healthy foods you can try out for your indoor picnic!  

A child has a pretend play picnic with her stuffed animals as a Family Day activity.

If you’d rather keep meal times at the table, an indoor “picnic” is also a great opportunity for pretend play. Set up a picnic area, dress up any way you want, and have a pretend picnic as a family. Your child’s toys or stuffed animals can even join in! 

Puppet Show 

Putting on a puppet show can be a fun way to spend time together! Set up your puppet show area using a box or couch to hide the puppeteers from the “audience”. Try putting on a puppet show story for your child then letting them make one up for you, or grab some puppets and make up a story together! 

A child uses a sock as a puppet for a fun Family Day puppet show activity.

The easiest way to make puppets is by using a sock and your imagination. If your child enjoys art, try making puppets and props of your own! Watch your child get creative with materials like: 

  • Pom poms 
  • Yarn 
  • Buttons 
  • Beads 
  • Clean socks 
  • Paper bags 
  • Paper plates 
  • Popsicle sticks 
  • Scrap paper 

Tip: if you’re gluing materials to a homemade sock puppet, place a piece of paper or cardboard inside the sock to keep the inside from getting stuck together. 

Obstacle Course 

Get active as a family with an obstacle course! You can use furniture for your obstacles like: 

  • A table to crawl under 
  • A footstool to balance on 
  • Pillows to jump over 
Pillows, blankets, toys and objects are used to make an obstacle course for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and their family.

Younger children can explore the obstacle course at their own pace, while older children who are ready for a challenge can race against you or create their own.

Nature Walk 

A nature walk is a great way to get outside—especially in the winter! Bundle up and take a stroll around your neighbourhood or a local park or walking path. What kinds of trees and animals can you spot? You can collect treasures on your walk like stones, pinecones, and sticks that can be used for art and play at home. 

A preschool aged child looks out at a lake and a toddler climbs a snow bank with an adult while on a nature walk on Family Day.

Check out our article on Why Outdoor Play Is Important For Your Child’s Development to find tips for playing outdoors in any weather. 

Scavenger Hunt 

All you need for a scavenger hunt is the objects around your home! Here are two easy ways to make your own scavenger hunt at home: 

1. Toy Scavenger Hunt

Hide toys around your home for a fun and simple scavenger toy hunt. Find odd places to hide them to encourage children to open drawers and look or reach up high. For older children, you can add obstacles to finding the toys, such as crawling under tables or jumping over pillows. 

If you’d like to expand on this activity, you and your child can trace the toys you hide and match them to the outline as they find them! 

Toys are hidden around a home and found by a child in this toy scavenger hunt.

2. I Spy Scavenger Hunt

Mix a scavenger hunt with a game of I Spy! Ask open-ended questions like, “Can you find something red?” and “What is something soft?”. Then, take a turn finding while your child asks the questions! This will help them to gain confidence with leading and following rules. 

Toys and objects are laid out on the floor for a game of I-Spy.

Found Object Structures 

You don’t need blocks to build. Instead, try finding objects around your home to build different structures, like towers or forts! 

Two found object towers made of food cans, plastic containers, adn paper towel rolls. This easy activity for children only uses the materials you have at home.

Some good building materials you can find around your home are: 

  • Tupperware containers 
  • Cards and paper 
  • Boxes 
  • Cans 
  • Paper towel rolls 
  • Plastic cups, bowls, and plates 
  • Pillows and cushions 

5 Books Celebrating Families

A children's book with illustrations of families reading We Are Family. Books like this make for a fun Family Day story time activity.

All families are different, but each of them is filled with love! Tap the titles of the books below for a virtual read aloud to celebrate families.

  1. We Are Family by Patricia Hegarty
  2. A Family is a Family is a Family by Sara O’leary
  3. Love Makes a Family by Sophie Beer
  4. I Love Us: A Book About Families by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  5. The Great Big Book of Families by Mary Hoffman

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