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Fun Ways To Play With A Laundry Basket!

May 22, 2021

In Cindy’s Family Time program yesterday, children brought a laundry basket and a stuffed toy to the program. Children had fun moving their toy in, out, under, on top and all around the basket. This teaches prepositions and helps children build their vocabulary. Next, they practised tossing rolled up socks into the basket. This helps children build their large muscles and hand-eye coordination while challenging their abilities by tossing the socks from different distances! Was it easier up close or further back?

Toys and socks inside a laundry basket for play.

There are so many other ways to play with a laundry basket! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Laundry Basket Wagon

Another great way to play with a laundry basket is by filling it with a variety of items and pushing or pulling it around your home – like a wagon! Add some obstacles to your child’s path to maneuver around. This will help your child develop their visual-spatial skills. Try moving around the chair, under the table, over the cushion! You can even tape arrows to the floor to follow and learn directions.

Heavy and Light

Change up the weight of the laundry basket by adding more items! Add some more stuffed toys, and then some books! What about some cans of beans? Now try moving the basket. Is it more difficult to move? What could you remove to make it lighter? Keep testing new weights to learn measurement and strengthen large muscles!

Not Just a Laundry Basket…

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