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Many children in Peel are at risk. You can help Bridge the Gap.

BridgeWay Family Centre is a registered charity operating in the Region of Peel.  We offer FREE programs to boost early learning and to support families and caregivers as they nurture the development of young children. Women experiencing poverty, family violence, lone-parenthood, teen pregnancy find help in our pre and post-natal programs.

Programs are funded through different levels of government and we are grateful. 

Unfortunately, not all the supports, tools and resources needed by the children and families who seek us out are covered by this funding.

For the past 13 years, BridgeWay has raised funds through personal donations, foundation grants, charitable gaming, and other opportunities. These dollars fund our “Bridging the Gap” programs and they help families and children with: 

  • Intergenerational Connections – programs that connect seniors and young children in seniors’ residences or long-term care facilities for their mutual stimulation and enjoyment
  • Physical Literacy –programs that offer families regular opportunities to explore activities both indoors and outdoors that will enhance their curiosity and enjoyment of physical fitness; this may improve the likelihood of life-long physical and mental health and wellbeing through a commitment to fitness 
  • Nutrition – nutrition support and education is provided through a Registered Dietitian to support healthy eating for pregnant mothers and young children; this program aims to demonstrate healthy cost-conscious eating to support effective growth and development of fetuses and young children 
  • In My Neighbourhood – government funding has been flat-lined for over 15 years so not all neighbourhoods can be served through government programs; BridgeWay identifies priority neighbourhoods and utilizes fundraising and grant revenue to bring family support and early learning programs into these neighbourhoods

One hundred percent of your donation goes to Bridging the Gap. Please donate!

Resources to help you in your donation decision:

There are many ways to donate to our agency. Donate through your workplace matching or directed donations program, or online through Canada Helps. You can also make a cash or cheque donation at your closest centre.  For more information on each of these please click on the link below.

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