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Guessing Games For Kids! 4 Simple Games To Try At Home

October 7, 2021

Guessing games can be a lot of fun and are super easy to play at home, outside, and even on video chat! They can be played with one child or multiple children, and can be adapted based on your child’s age and comfort level. Best of all, guessing games are a great way for children to develop their memory/recall skills, practice their problem solving skills, expand vocabulary and practice communicating. Here are 4 simple guessing games for kids!

A child holds a sock with an object inside and reveals the object they have found.

What’s Inside?

Place one or two objects inside a sock and ask your child to guess what it is by feeling around the sock! Your child will use their memory, their senses (by feeling the shape of the object), and their problem solving skills to predict what’s inside. Your child might enjoy switching roles by finding something to hide in the sock for you to guess! Try asking questions they can answer to help you guess what’s inside – Is it soft? Can it bounce? Is it a toy? Does it make a sound? This will also model to your child the kinds of questions they can ask when it’s their turn to guess.

Mystery Box

Start by placing some objects in a box without your child seeing. Describe one of the objects in the box using descriptive words – “this object is silver, made of metal, and is used to eat soup!” As your child guesses, add more clues until they’ve guessed what it is or until they’re ready to see the object.

A variety of household objects inside a box for a Mystery Box guessing game.
A variety of toys and objects are laid out on the floor to play I-Spy with toddlers and preschoolers.


I-Spy with my little eye, something that is red! Practice colours, shapes, and vocabulary by laying out objects and asking your child to identify the object you’re describing. Then, switch things up by asking them to describe an object to you. Take this opportunity to use descriptive words you may not use everyday such as: shiny, smooth, fluffy, fragile, or bumpy.

What’s Missing?

Collect a few objects or toys from around your home. Lay them out on the floor and name each item as you point to it. Next, cover the objects with a small towel and sneak one away. Lift up the towel again and ask your child to guess what’s missing! For younger children use 2 to 3 objects, and for older children try using a few more.

Seven objects are laid out on the floor to play the What's Missing guessing game.

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