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What it's Like to Volunteer at a Family Nonprofit

April 24, 2020

This National Volunteer Week, some of our volunteers chatted about their experience with BridgeWay.

This week is National Volunteer Week! Our volunteers bring their smiles, enthusiasm, and unique talents to every level of our organization, from our centres to our Board of Directors. We asked them about what it’s like to volunteer at a family nonprofit like BridgeWay.

Keep reading to meet some of the wonderful volunteers we are lucky enough to work with at BridgeWay.


A BridgeWay volunteer is pictured in a coffee shop

“From helping the staff to forging friendships for life, I have received more than I could ever give to BridgeWay. It has an amazing team of individuals that make you feel welcome, appreciated and a part of the wonderful BridgeWay family. The Christmas celebration and the Chinese New Year Celebrations we helped with were so much fun.”

Suchitra volunteers at our Brittany Glen EarlyON Centre. She contributes her artistic talents to painting windows for special celebrations, among many other activities.


A BridgeWay volunteer reads a story to two toddlers. Story time is one way family nonprofit volunteers brighten children's days.

“When I walk into the centre, I feel happy that I’m helping the next generation. I love the laughter and joy that the kids and I bring each other.”

Maddy has volunteered at multiple BridgeWay sites over the past 7 years. She especially likes to organize the storybooks and read with the children.


A BridgeWay Board member talks about being part of the BridgeWay family

“Being a part of BridgeWay through the last six years has been one of the best experiences of my life. This organization always puts the clients’ needs first, and as such makes a tremendous impact on the communities it serves. My contributions, although minimal when compared to those of the staff, allow me to say I’m part of the BridgeWay family, of which I could not be more proud.”

Harjit volunteers on BridgeWay’s Board of Directors and Governance Committee.


A BridgeWay volunteer talks about volunteering at BridgeWay's Brittany Glen EarlyON centre.

“I chose to volunteer with Bridgeway Family Centre because I used to work at a child care centre in Japan and of course I love children! Volunteering with Bridgeway is a great experience for me to connect to community, to get more skills, to share my knowledge, and to make me happy. I am proud to be a volunteer with you. Thank you to wonderful staff and lovely families.”

Tomoko volunteers at our Brittany Glen EarlyON Centre.


A BridgeWay volunteer is pictured with flowers for a volunteer recognition event

“Watching the reactions of the children is heartwarming. I love looking up activities, knowing I’m bringing someone happiness. The staff are so friendly and helpful.”

Payal has volunteered at our Turtle Creek EarlyON Centre for the past 7 years. Along with many other activities, she enjoys participating in Circle Time with the families.

Tessa and Cooper

Two BridgeWay volunteers talk about coming to BridgeWay to complete their high school community hours and staying for the families.

“After having attended BridgeWay as children years ago, we have been incredibly grateful to get a chance to contribute back to the centre. We each began volunteering in grade 9 of high school, and have loved every second of it. From playing silly games with kids, to getting to know families, to learning so much from the wonderful staff, volunteering at BridgeWay has been an amazing experience!”

Tessa (grade 9) and Cooper (grade 12) both volunteer at our Turtle Creek EarlyON Centre.

Even though we are apart right now, we want our volunteers to know that we appreciate their hard work and dedication all year round. Thank you for all you do!

Learn more about becoming a BridgeWay volunteer here.