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Lisa's Teen Prenatal Supper Club Story

November 19, 2019

Nourish a pregnant teen today.

Grow a future for their child.

When Lisa* arrived at the BridgeWay’s Teen Prenatal Supper Club, she had been homeless for four weeks—kicked out when her family discovered she was pregnant. Her boyfriend wouldn’t take her calls; she stopped attending school and had no job or financial support. She was 15 weeks pregnant.

* Name changed for privacy.

At Teen Prenatal Supper Club, Lisa found others who faced many of the same challenges—mental health struggles; little support from their partners or families; low income; and severe isolation, including pregnant youth already working hard to adapt to a new country.

Pregnant youth face fear, loneliness, and uncertainty.

And all these factors compromise the health and well-being of both mom and baby. Taken together, they raise almost insurmountable barriers.

But you can help.

Using good food and friendship to engage the young parents and parents-to-be, Bridgeway offers the Teen Prenatal Supper Club at three locations. Although aimed at young mothers up to 24 years, some young fathers now also attend.

In these safe, nurturing spaces, teen parents and parents-to-be:

  • Share a nutritious meal
  • Learn about managing nutrition from a Dietitian to ensure their babies get a healthy start
  • Connect with other young parents
  • Connect with a social worker, a key to a better future
  • Learn about resources and supports available to them
  • See that they are not alone.

Will you help us build a better future for young families?

Your gift will set the table at Teen Prenatal Supper Club.

$15provides a grocery gift card so a pregnant teen can buy healthy food for herself and her baby.
$24provides dinner for 6 pregnant youth or mothers of infants.
$52pays for a social worker to present a workshop on Facing Life’s Challenges for all participants.
$124gets all participants to the program by covering the cost of bus tickets.
$375buys a holiday dinner for all participants at all three Teen Prenatal Supper Club locations.