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How much does it cost?

All of our services and programs are free of charge. You are not required to pay any membership fee or any fee to participate in our programs.

How old does my child have to be?

Our Early Learning centres provide programming for children ages 0-6 and their adult caregivers. While some programs have specific age ranges, our drop in times are open to all children in the early years of life. Our prenatal services are for women from the start of their pregnancy up until 3 months post-partum for the Healthy Start program and 6 months post-partum for the Teen Prenatal Supper Club program.

Can I leave my child at your centre?

An adult caregiver must accompany your child at all times while attending our programs and centres. We do not offer any drop off care programs.

How do I register?

If it is your first time in one of our centres you will be required to fill out a short registration form. You do not need to bring any id. Once the form is completed you will receive a brief tour and some information brochures. At that time you will be provided with a centre schedule and the drop in programs will be reviewed. Any programs that require registration will be pointed out to you.

What do I need to bring with me?

The only things that you will need to bring with you are the things that you will need to take care of your child – diapers, wipes, cream, a change of clothes and socks! Many of our Early Learning centres require all clients to remove their outdoor shoes and wear socks or slippers for the duration of their visit. It is always a good idea to keep a pair for yourself and a pair for your child handy; you never know when you might drop in!

Is there a snack area?

Some locations have a designated snack area. If you are visiting one of our centres and your child would like to have a small snack, please sit in the designated area only. We ask that all food products that are brought into our centres are nut and sesame seed free and that you tidy up after yourself when you are done.

Can I bring all of my children with me?

Children between the ages of 0-6 are welcome to attend our Early Learning programs and centres. Some centres offer family programs that are geared for children of multiple ages. Other programs are designed to meet the needs of a specific age group however older or younger siblings are also welcome to attend. Children must remain under the supervision of their attending adult at all times and as such children may not attend a program alone while their adult and siblings are in a different room.

How long can I stay?

How long you stay is up to you and the hours of the centre or program. Some families may prefer to stay for a short amount of time while others may prefer a longer visit. There is no limit on the length of your visit.

Do you have wifi?

At our centres and in our programs we prioritize the safety and well-being of the children and as such have an expectation of appropriate supervision by the parent or caregiver. For this reason cell phone use is discouraged except in cases of an emergency. The use of laptops, tablets, e-readers and gaming devices is not permitted while in our centres.

Who can come with my child?

All children are required to have a caregiver or parent with them for the duration of their visit. Parents, grandparents, relatives, family friends and caregivers are permitted to attend with the child however they must be 15 years or older in order to remain at the centre with the child.

How will your programs help my child get ready for school?

All children are born with the instinct and drive to play and it is through play that they learn about themselves and the world around them. Our programs and centres are designed to support the natural curiosity of children from the moment they are born. By incorporating the four foundations of Belonging, Well-Being, Engagement and Expression into our play-based learning environments your child will learn skills that will enhance and support their ability to learn in a school environment.

My mother will be coming with my child but she doesn’t speak English, is that OK?

Of course! We will do our best to make sure your family member has a positive experience in our centres regardless of English language ability. Many of our staff speak more than one language and we will do our best to find a way to communicate with your family member.

My child doesn’t meet the age criteria for the program; can he/she go anyway?

Each of our early learning programs have designated age ranges; some are for infants (0 to 12 months), toddlers (18 months to 3 years) or preschoolers (3 to 6 years) and some are for a group of different aged  children (0 – 6 years)  There are also programs that do not fit directly into these age groupings.  To learn more about a program specific age groupings please refer to the descriptions on the Programs and Services page. Staff are happy to discuss the age appropriate program options for your child.  By attending a program geared to your child’s age she will receive the full benefit of the content of the program while ensuring that the program space remains available for another age appropriate child in other programs.

When a family has children of multiple ages it is usually recommended that they attend a program designated as Family. However if they do decide to attend an age specific program it is with the understanding that the content of the program is geared to the specific age and while the older/younger child is welcome, they may not be able to fully participate in the program.

Are your locations accessible?

BridgeWay Family Centre is committed to accommodating persons with disabilities. Many of our locations are wheelchair accessible; for information on specific locations, please contact us by phone at 905-822-1114 or by email at [email protected].

My son has a cough; can he still come to the centre today?

For the health and safety of your child and others attending the centre, please refrain from visiting our centre if you or the children in your care have any symptoms of a communicable disease, a communicable condition, or have one or more of the following symptoms: 

  • green mucus discharge from the nose
  • a temperature of 100° Fahrenheit or 37.8° Celsius or greater
  • flushed appearance
  • cloudy or red appearance or discharge from eye(s) or ear(s)
  • child appears fatigued and is unable to participate ‘typically’ in activities
  • persistent/severe cough
  • vomiting or diarrhea
  • unexplained rash on any area of the body
  • pediculosis (head lice)

To ensure the health and safety of the staff and patrons of the centre, staff is required to ask anyone with the above symptoms to refrain from using the centre until the above listed symptoms have disappeared.

Thank you for your cooperation; we know you are as concerned about the community’s health and safety as we are.

How do I know if your centre is closed due to weather?

For safety of our clients and staff, in the event of extreme weather conditions it may be necessary to close all our centres. It is our policy to close our centres if Peel District School Board closes all their schools. School closures are announced on local radio and television stations. Additionally, we will post a notice on our Facebook page and website.