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Helping Your Child Learn

We will begin by discussing basic child development and what are age appropriate expectations for children’s play skills. We will talk about following your child’s interests and share some examples of games and activities that parents can do with their child as well as some strategies to help your child to focus at the task at hand.

Having a Second Baby

Thinking about having a second baby and pondering when is the best time to have another baby? You may consider the age of your first child before planning to have a second baby – is there a best age? Other thoughts may include how another child may change your lifestyle and questions may arise on how to prepare your first born with the transition of bringing home a new baby.

Games and Giggles

This interactive program involves songs and games that enhance children’s fine motor, gross motor, literacy, imagination, abstract thinking, problem solving, creative and social skills. 

French Immersion Family Time

This program involves music, story and creative time for children to enjoy with each other and their parents/caregivers. Program facilitation, including songs, stories and activities, will be conducted in French and English.

Financial Planning For Young Families

"Learn about managing your family finances, insurance needs, RESP’s, RRSP’s, taxes, etc."

Family Time (Intergenerational)

This program involves music, story and creative time for children (0-6 years) to enjoy with each other and their parents/caregivers. In some programs songs, stories, language and activities will reflect other languages and/or cultures. 

Family Kitchen

Family Kitchen is a program which offers parents with children (0-6 years) an opportunity to learn cooking skills, prepare nutritious, low cost meals and provides the family with at least one healthy meal per week. Children attend a playgroup during the cooking portion of the program. Parents and children come together for the meal portion of the program where children learn about healthy mealtime routines.

Evaluating Child Care

A look at a variety of child care options, we go over various tips so that you as a parent are assisted in making an informed child care choice.

Establishing Routines and Making Them Work

Why routines, why schedules, why structure……..there are benefits, there are solutions, and ultimately it allows growth in children. As part of this workshop, we will explore the importance of routines, with discussion around common themes on how routines breakdown, and approaches to re-build. The overall emphasis of this workshop is how to make a routine work and provide eases as part of your daily schedule.

Discovery Time

This program encourages children to explore the world around them through hands on activities that fuel their curiosity and makes science fun.


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