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Join us for some fun! Songs, activities and a pot luck snack. Please ensure all food products are nut and sesame seed free.

Party Babies

Join us for a Mother Goose pot luck party. There will be songs and snacks! Please ensure that all food products are nut and sesame seed free.

Journey Together

Journey Together, is a program led by Indigenours RECE Child and Family Outreach Workers and will allow Indigenous and non-Indigenous children to engage in cultural activities. This program may include hand drumming, story-telling, crafts, circle-time and smudging.


Join us for some festive fun! Songs, dancing, stories and activities for you to enjoy with your child.

Special Outdoor Program

Due to ongoing renovations at this location, we are taking our program outdoors this week :) 

Dress for the weather and join us!


What's Happening at BridgeWay

December 18th, 2018

Sorry, there are no more events scheduled for today.

December 19th, 2018