Nurturing parents' confidence.
Free prenatal to preschool programs at 40 locations.

Circle Story Time

This program provides early exposure to language and music, helping children  to develop skills that improve their ability to communicate, evaluate, and make decisions.

Parent Education

In a workshop setting, parents and caregivers will learn about a variety of topics related to children and/or parenting. Child minding may be offered.

Introducing Solid Food to Baby, 6mos to 1 yr

This workshop will show you just how easy it is to introduce solids to your little one, beginning with pureed, all the way through to family-friendly finger foods!  

ROSE Program

This monthly program encourages self-expression through language and literacy, music, art and creative movement activities with a different theme each class. Preregistration through the Rose Theatre is required.

Family Move and Groove

This program provides an opportunity for parents and children to interact through music, movement and rhymes.  Your participation will help your child develop physical coordination, social skills and creative expression.

Preschool Book Club

This interactive program involves songs, story and creative time for preschoolers to enjoy with each other and their parents/caregivers. Children will take a book kit home each week to go through with their adult and then return it the following week for the related program. A new book kit will be sent home for the upcoming week. This program runs for 5 weeks.

Gym Time

This program offers children 0-6 an opportunity to strengthen their gross motor skills in a safe environment that promotes physical fitness. 

Family Time

This program involves music, story and creative time for children (0-6 years) to enjoy with each other and their parents/caregivers. In some programs songs, stories, language and activities will reflect other languages and/or cultures. 


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