Nurturing parents' confidence.
Free prenatal to preschool programs at 40 locations.

You And Your Child's Language

• Focus on adult-child interactions to promote language • Promotes fun ways to share language • Identify ways to encourage language during daily routines • Recognize how children and adults use and understand language in different ways Gain strategies for encouraging language development in your child"

You and Your Baby

The focus of this six session program is to provide education and support to new mothers with babies up to 9 months of age. Weekly topics cover the birth experience, breast / bottle feeding, safety, adjustments to parenthood, and leaving your baby in care of others. Support of new mothers and sharing of information and experiences is the key focus of this program.

Why Kids Have Tantrums

Temper tantrums range from whining and crying to screaming, kicking, hitting, and breath holding. Oh no, here we go again. How common are temper tantrums? How long does this phase last? What can I do to help or minimize temper tantrums? Join Collaborative minds to discover information and solutions on Temper Tantrums.

Toddlers, Play and Language

Discuss the ‘Ingredients of Play’, the importance of 'pretend play' in a child's language development, strategies for adults to support play and child talk and what does a child learn through play experiences in the classroom and in the home?

Toddler Time

This interactive program involves songs, story and creative time for toddlers to enjoy with each other and their parents/caregivers.

The Preschool Years

This workshop covers the ages and stages of preschool development. It identifies age appropriate strategies for behavior guidance and behavior management.

Tales 'n Tunes

Children and adults will learn a variety of interactive songs and rhymes in this busy and active circle time program.

Support Emergent Writing Skills

• What are the different stages of writing? • How can you promote writing skills in your home? • What materials will you need • What other activities are related to emergent writing skills?


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