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Pine Cone Play

March 24, 2021

A walk down the street often results in a handful of treasures when you are out with your little one. How often have you had to carry sticks, rocks and pine cones on your afternoon stroll? Next time, save your pine cones and add them to your child’s play materials.

Pretending with Pine Cones

Pine cones are the perfect ingredient to your child’s pretend play as they can be anything. Here you can see that Ellen has made a delicious looking salad with her pine cones! Using different sizes and shapes of pine cones along with different kitchen tools helps children to strengthen their eye-hand coordination. Children also love to emulate the adults in their life by using real kitchen tools!

Hide and Seek

Ellen also had some fun hiding the pine cones in nests of yarn. “Hmmm which one is the pine cone hiding in?” After you and your child have mastered this game, extend the play by hiding the pine cone somewhere in your home. Try putting it under a cushion to start and give your child a few clues. As they get close to it tell them they are ‘hot’, if they go away from it tell them they are ‘cold’. This encourages your child to visualize and use new language concepts to guide them.

Pine Cone Math

Pine cones are also a great tool for learning numeracy skills – counting, sorting and comparing them are all math skills that help children get ready for school. Check out this article for more tips on helping your child develop early math skills.

Pine cones are an easy and inexpensive addition to your child’s play that can bring so many choices and variations to how your little one engages with their toys. Let us know what creative ways your family used pine cones. Post a picture on our BridgeWay Families page on Facebook.

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