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Playing and Learning at Home

March 19, 2020

Are you looking for ways to help your little ones keep learning from home as we all practice social distancing?

These activities use objects you probably already have in and around your home. They also target a wide range of developmental skills including fine motor, gross, motor, and sensory skills!

Add food colouring to oil and water for a fun and easy science experiment!
Instead of traditional painting, try painting newspapers with water!
Tape plastic cups to the edge of a table and try rolling and bouncing the balls into the cups.
Use toothpicks to practice fine motor skills! Add marshmallows, styrofoam, and/or pool noodles to build structures.
Add soap to your water play to give your dolls a bath or toys a wash!
Use tape to create different paths. These paths can be for toys or for walking on, jumping over, and balancing!
Use ice for sensory play! Try using paint brushes to add salt to the ice and watch as it begins to melt away.
Use trays and boxes to sort a collection of loose parts.
Fill a spray bottle with water and use it to spray different surfaces outside! Try adding food colouring to the water and spraying paper to create your own masterpiece.

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