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Play with Music! Songs and Activities for Children

August 27, 2020

Does your child like to sing and listen to music? We’ve put together some play ideas to go along with old and new favourite songs!  

1. Shapes Scavenger Hunt 

Our homes are filled with all sorts of shapes! Can you find square, circle, or diamond shapes in your home?  

Try finding objects that reflect the shapes mentioned in this song:  

2. Scribbling to Music 

Scribble fast and slow while listening to music! As the music plays, try scribbling at the same pace.

3. Dancing with Scarves

Using dish cloths, small towels or pieces of fabric, try some of these scarf songs! You can follow the videos below to Popcorn Kernels, Freeze Dance, and Wave Your Scarf or choose any of your favourite songs.

4.  What’s Inside the Box? 

Can you guess what’s inside this box? Place a mystery item in a box and give clues about what it could be. Adjust the clues as needed for the age of your child. When they guess what it is, sing this song about the object you placed inside!

If I had a little box to put my [object] in,  
I’d take it out and [action]
And put it right back in! 

For instance, if you place a ball in the box, you could sing:

If I had a little box to put my ball in,  
I’d take it out and bounce it high
And put it right back in! 

5. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Sing along to this favourite storybook with a twist! Collect objects from around your home or from outside and sing the Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? song, replacing the names and colours of the animals with the objects you’ve collected. For instance:

“Llama, Llama, what do you see?? I see yellow leaves looking at me!” 

6. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt 

Hide a stuffed bear or a drawing of a bear around your home and go on a bear hunt together! You can even get your neighbours involved by asking them to place a bear in their window for your child to find while on a walk.  

7. Make Musical Instruments!

Use pots and pans, plastic containers, boxes, and elastic bands to make your own instruments and sing along to any song!