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Playing in the Rain at BridgeWay’s Outdoor Programs

October 21, 2021

It’s not always easy to get out in the rain, especially if this isn’t the kind of weather you enjoy. However, children benefit from playing outside in all kinds of weather! Different weather brings something new for them to learn and explore. Rain brings us new sensory play, active play, and science concepts that wouldn’t be available on a sunny day. Plus, playing outside in any weather is great for lifting your mood!

Playing in the Rain at our Outdoor Programs

When it rains we get to…

Discover puddles

Baby stands in puddle and explores and splashes the water.

During one of our programs, a child who has recently started walking, found a puddle, sat in it and started splashing. This was their ‘first puddle‘! What a great milestone.

Search for worms

Two children find a worm in the mud while playing in the rain.

These children found a worm and got up close to explore as it wiggled through the mud. This is a great way to explore nature and science when it rains.

Stomp in puddles

Preschool child walks through a puddle.

At first, this child was hesitant to step in the puddle, but with a little encouragement and support, they stepped in the water! This child took a small risk outside of their comfort zone that allowed them to explore and play in the rain. They explained that they will bring their rain boots next time for more fun in the puddle!

Collect snail shells

Child finds and collects snail shells.

This child collected lots of snail shells and we sang songs to count the shells together! Nature is filled with all sorts of loose parts (like snail shells) that can be used in different types of play.

Play in the mud

Child takes off his shoes to stomp and play in the muddy puddle. They scoop the mud with a small container.

The rain created a messy sensory bin! This child tore off their shoes to feel the mud in their toes as they piled mud into a bowl. Mud pie anyone?

Sing and dance in the rain

Children and parents walk in the rain and play in the puddles.

Join us outside as we sing and dance in the rain at our outdoor programs! We hope to see you there!

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Playing in the Rain at Home

Looking for rainy day play ideas to try at home? Here are some suggestions:

  1. 1. Bring a container outside to catch the rain. Will the container fill up all the way?
  2. 2. Walk through wet grass and listen to the “squish” as you walk through.
  3. 3. Go on a walk and count the snails or worms you see on the way.
  4. 4. Dig through some muddy puddles with a shovel and pail!
  5. 5. Jump, stomp, and tiptoe in the puddles. Can you make the splash really big? How about really small?
  6. 6. Listen to the rain. Can you hear it tapping on your coat, on your umbrella, or on the ground?

Let us know how you like to play in the rain by emailing us at [email protected] or by messaging us on Instagram or Facebook!

No matter how we feel about the weather, it’s important that we talk to kids about it in a positive way. Check out this article by Backwoods Mama for Positive Ways to Talk to Kids about the Weather!

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