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Simple Ways to Shake Up Your Child's Day with Song!

April 23, 2021

Your child’s favourite songs are their favourites for a reason. They have simple tunes, easy lyrics, rhyming words and they’re probably silly too! All of these factors appeal to your little one’s interests and stage of development making it easy for you to adapt these songs to support your child’s learning at home.

In Whitney’s Wednesday Move and Groove, she and the children shook their sillies out! They used shakers and instruments to dance and move their bodies to many songs, including Shake Your Sillies Out. This is a fun and simple song that’s easy to adapt and sing at different parts of the day, making even routine tasks fun and engaging! Here are 3 simple ways to shake up your child’s day with the song Shake Your Sillies Out.

Woman holding a guitar while singing to puppets, and exercising.

Shake Up Your Routine

The lyrics to Shake Your Sillies Out are easy to adapt to any part of your daily routine. Sometimes children just don’t want to put on their pyjamas or wash their hands, making it difficult and stressful to complete certain tasks throughout the day. Shake up your child’s day and help make these everyday tasks a little more fun by changing up the lyrics to Shake Your Sillies Out. For instance, at bath time sing: “We’re going to scrub, scrub, scrub our elbows clean… and rinse all the soap away!” or before going for a walk sing: “We’re going to put, put, put our shoes on… and go outside to play!” You can get your child involved by asking them what comes next; “After you wash your knees what will you scrub?” or “Should we sing about our hats or sunscreen next?”

Shake Up Your Exercise

The lyrics to Shake Your Sillies Out are great for an active workout right at home! Change or add verses to include other movements (such as kicking, running, stretching, nodding, and leaping) for your child to learn and practice. If your child is looking for a challenge try incorporating actual body weight exercises such as lunges or squats and sing: “We’re going to lunge, lunge, lunge our lunges out… and lunge all our lunges away!” Linking music and movement together is the perfect way to let your child have some fun all while strengthening bones and muscles, and developing coordination and motor skills! 

Shake Up Your Toys

Promote literacy at home by becoming a songwriter! Make up your own version of Shake Your Sillies Out by using toys found around your home. Grab your stuffed animals, dolls, trucks and blocks, and create songs with them! For example you can sing “slide my slithers out” about a toy snake or “fly through the sky” inspired by a toy airplane. This will help build vocabulary (i.e. the way a snake moves is called a slither) as well as introduce new concepts (i.e. planes fly very high in the sky just like birds and helicopters). As a challenge, encourage your child to invent new actions using alliteration or rhyme. Most importantly, enjoy exploring the many creative possibilities of making up your own lyrics!

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Listen to Shake Your Sillies Out here:

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