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Bring Circle Time Home with Songs & Activities Your Child Will Love

July 17, 2020

Every song is educational!

Singing is a great learning tool and is something many children enjoy. The songs you’ve heard during circle time in our programs (or sing for your own home circle time!) help to develop children’s language, vocabulary, and motor skills while uplifting their mood.

An infographic showing the benefits of singing and dancing with home circle time activities

Try these songs and activites for your own at-home circle time!

Here are ten of our favourite songs and the skills they help children learn. Check out the videos to learn the lyrics and tune!

Down by the Bay

Down by the Bay is all about rhyming words. Not only are there rhyming words in the lyrics, but it’s a song that allows you to make up your own rhymes! How many rhymes will you create?

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom introduces simple math concepts as children count down from 5 (or 10) before the rocket ship blasts off. Try jumping as high as you can for the blast off! 

Sleeping Bunnies

Let’s all lie down and go to sleep, shh. Sleeping bunnies is great for large muscle development when you “wake up” and hop around like bunnies! Try acting out different animals with this song. Maybe you’ll be a sleeping lion or unicorn! 

Popcorn Kernels

Popcorn Kernels is great for both fine and gross motor development. Try using a small towel or dishcloth for the actions in the video to strengthen both small and large muscles.  

A Smooth Road

A Smooth Road has descriptive language using words such as smooth, rough, and bumpy. Use your legs to bounce your child up and down to the song, or have your child act out the motions with their favourite stuffed toy! 

Five Little Ducks

Learn math concepts such as counting and simple subtraction with Five Little Ducks! Use your fingers to represent the ducks and count them as the numbers change.  

Roly Poly

Roly Poly introduces opposites such as “up and down” or “fast and slow.” Roll your arms over one another for Roly Poly while moving your arms up and down or fast and slow to show what these words mean. How many opposites can you add to the song? 

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Using your fingers to mimic the spider crawling up and down improves fine motor skills. Change up the song by making a GREAT BIG SPIDER and a teeny weenie spider! Changing the size of the spider expands descriptive vocabulary.  

One Little Finger

One Little Finger encourages following instructions and identifying body parts. Enjoy singing and dancing together by using your finger to tap from your nose all the way to your toes! 

Old Macdonald

Learn the names of animals and the sounds they make with Old Macdonald! Try using your hands, arms and legs to imitate the different animals on the farm. What animals does Old Macdonald have on his farm today?  

For more ways to play with music, check out these Songs and Activities for Children!

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