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Tape Activities for Children

March 25, 2020

There are lots of ways to get creative with tape! These activities are a great way for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers to practice their fine motor and gross motor skills when they’re stuck indoors.

For All Ages

Tape objects to the floor or a table. Practice sticking and unsticking the objects. Use stronger tape to make it more challenging!

For Toddlers and Preschoolers

You’ll need tape and paper.

Adhere tape to a wall (sticky side out) just out of your child’s reach. Crumple up paper into balls and attach them to the tape. Invite your child to stick and unstick the crumpled paper.

This activity encourages stretching, jumping, and throwing—all important to your child’s gross motor development and for burning off energy!

For Babies

You’ll need tape, toys and a tray.

Place tape (sticky side out) on a tray. Place the tray on the floor for your baby to explore. Stick toys or objects such as spoons, small containers and paper towel rolls for your baby to pull off and stick back on!