What We Do

Caring every day, building stronger families

A strong family has the capacity to learn, grow and develop, with a community that supports them. Children need a healthy start, a strong family, exposure to enriching learning experiences and a community that values them. BridgeWay Family Centre provides this for pregnant women, children and their families through their various prenatal, early learning and parent education programs and partnerships across Peel.

Our prenatal programs provide a safe place for expectant mothers to receive support and education that helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy for them and their baby. Our nutritional counselling encourages mothers to understand the importance of healthy eating pre and postnatally and works in conjunction with our social support and education programs to reduce the risk of low birth weight babies.

a mother holds her baby in the air
a young woman holds an infant next to an older woman.

The early learning programs that are offered at BridgeWay Family Centre help children to develop the skills they need to be successful learners when they get to school. Each of our early learning programs is designed to support a child’s continuum of development by building on typical milestone achievements at each age and stage of a child’s early life. Whether it is by supporting the bond between a parent and baby through the ‘serve and return’ communication that happens in a Mother Goose class or supporting healthy risk taking in young children in our Gym Time, Discovery Time or Outdoor Activity programs; each of our programs are developed with best practices and current research in child development in mind.

Our play based learning environments, programs and activities all support a child’s natural desire and drive to learn and explore. When children are given the opportunity to direct their play they strengthen their capacity to learn. Children are curious and inquisitive and our early learning programs support these natural tendencies by providing environments for them that are safe, inclusive and engaging. Our staff work in partnership with parents and caregivers as well as with children to create experiences where everyone can learn and grow together.

Being a parent is a tough job, and for many parents the task is made harder due to challenging life circumstances. Struggling to put healthy and cost conscious meals together, coping with postpartum depression, trying to navigate your way around a new city or country, are just a few of the challenges parents can face when raising their children. BridgeWay recognizes these challenges and works with families to find the most appropriate type of resource and support for them. We work with parents to minimize the risks that can impact healthy child development and help build their capacity as parents and caregivers.

BridgeWay Family Centre believes in the power of community and works with agencies across the region to support families and healthy child development. Our centres work with community agencies to provide consultation appointments for parents with concerns about their child’s development in areas such as behaviour, communication, social skills or cognitive development. Consultations with professionals in various areas of child development can be arranged at our main site locations. Our partnership with others makes us strong and makes families stronger. To learn more about BridgeWay’s projects please see the following links:





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